Themed Attractions



Themed Attractions That Immerse Your Guests

What makes the perfect themed attraction, display, or prop?  In our opinion, it’s a combination of quality and the proper themed elements. By creating environments, statues, and interactive displays that blend in with their surroundings, we can transport your guests to other realms. 

A roller coaster is a must-have attraction for any large theme park. But at best, the experience delivers three minutes of excitement. Theming that same ride, however, can turn it into a 30-minute immersive experience from queue to unload.  The work we do enhances amusement experiences by creating cohesive and believable environments. To learn more, contact us today to discuss your creative vision.



Telling Stories That Enhance Experiences

Themed attraction design can turn an ordinary thrill ride into an amazing journey of discovery and adventure. We leverage the power of props, lighting, lavish sets, and music to control the senses. 

We are creatives, designers, technicians, artisans, and engineers. But primarily, we’re storytellers. We are themed attraction designers who add value to experiences by immersing people in realistic worlds whose only limit is human imagination.



We Breathe Life Into Your Themed Attraction Ideas 

Perhaps you want to create a spooky queue system for a haunt themed experience. Maybe you need to create a world to bring your log flume ride to the next level. With attraction design from Creative Visions, you can give your rides and experiences the identity that will set them apart. 

From our 16,000 square foot production facility in Saint Louis, Missouri, we design and manufacture props, sets, displays, special effects, interactive experiences, and various audio-visual elements for the world-wide amusement industry. Check out our store to view our latest creations or contact us to discuss a custom themed attraction.



The Attraction Design Process

Every themed attraction we create starts with imagination. We develop a concept and craft a story to give it context. But here at Creative Visions, we believe collaboration with our clients is vitally important. That’s why we will work with you to make your vision a reality — at a price that suits your budget. 

Once we’ve agreed on a concept and story, we’ll add all the individual elements required to turn the project into an immersive themed attraction. This is your product for your experience, so it’s only right that you play an integral role in its genesis.

Whether you want to discuss attraction ideas, or you have a specific vision in mind, contact us for an initial chat.



Examples of our Themed Attraction Projects:

Themed Attractions