Themed Attractions & Displays

For over 30 years, Creative Visions has been bringing amazing themed attractions and displays to life for the global amusement industry. Creators of award winning work, our team of skilled artisans has decades of experience, allowing us to bring your visions to life.

We breathe life into theme parks, haunted attractions, mini golf courses, and amusement centers with premium displays, props, and interactive experiences.

Custom Themed Displays and Models for Amusement Businesses

 We are a themed attraction design company that takes great pride in creating immersive experiences that breathe life into the global amusement industry. As an award-winning team of skilled technicians, creatives, and artisans, we turn theme park and amusement attraction design ideas into living, breathing attractions that deliver unforgettable experiences.


Through compelling storytelling, creative design, and precision workmanship, we tell stories that keep theme park patrons and amusement center visitors coming back for more. Looking for amusement attractions that will set your park apart from the competition? Reach out for a chat or browse our catalog of theme park props, displays, and interactive attractions.


We Create Premium Theme Park Props

 The world’s best theme parks and amusement destinations succeed in creating a truly immersive experience based on a core theme. Here at Creative Visions Theming, everything we do is designed to transport people to other lands and worlds. 

By tapping into the imagination of our themed attraction designers, we open up the imagination of park guests around the world. Over the years, we have worked with amusement partners around the globe to create a series of unique models, sculptures, displays, and interactive installations. 

If you want to immerse guests in faraway places, our theme park attraction design services can be adapted to suit your requirements. Check out our store for our current catalog, or contact our themed attraction design team to discuss a custom project. 

Our Approach to Themed Attraction Design 

We believe that the only limit to what we can achieve is the limit of the human imagination. Whether we’re working with a theme park or a family entertainment center, our meticulous approach to amusement attraction design allows us to add value to our clients’ locations. 


Extensive creative and planning processes

A multidisciplinary approach

Craftsmanship is always our priority

A collaborative work ethic that puts our clients at the heart of the creative process

A tried-and-tested process that involves four key stages:



Concept and design


If you or your guests can imagine it, our design team can deliver it. Get in touch to start the process, or check out our latest products. 

Themed Displays, Models, and Statues for Theme Parks, Amusement Centers, and the Hospitality Industry 

We create themed attractions for various partners across the hospitality, leisure, and entertainment sectors. The work we do plays a pivotal role in the creation of immersive experiences for the following environments.  

Theme Parks

Zoos & Aquariums


Water Parks

Haunted Attractions

Amusement Centers

Escape Rooms

Event Producers

Hotels, Bars & Restaurants

Mini Golf Courses

Industry Contractors & Designer

Family Entertainment Centers



 Shop for Themed Displays and Props or Get in Touch

 We have an extensive catalog of amusement park props to choose from in our online store. But if you want to discuss a customized creation, please get in touch to discuss your vision with one of our experts.